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Introducing Waypoint Lists
and User Challenges

Until now, creating challenges on Peakhunter has been available only to our sponsors. Today we are changing that. With the latest update, we are introducing new features that will allow users to create their own individual lists of waypoints that they wish to log and hold challenges based on those lists.

What are challenges?

Challenges are time-limited events where our users can earn badges and prizes for logging a specific set of waypoints. For example the High Point Ireland 2019 challenge prompts hunters to visit at least 25 of 193 peaks all across Ireland in 2019. Finishers can earn these handsome badges to show off on their profile:

New: Waypoint lists and user challenges

Starting now, all users are able to assemble their own individual lists of peaks that can be used for tracking completion progress. Subscribers to our Friends of Peakhunter program can then also hold challenges and invite other users to complete part of the list in a set time frame.

User challenges and lists are not listed anywhere, which means only people who know the secret link are able to participate. It’s also possible to invite your friends on Peakhunter and send additional invitations per email with just a few clicks.

Waypoint lists

Lists are a new feature that offer a way off composing waypoints in a collection that lets you and other users track your progress. To create a new list follow these steps:

  • Click on your username on the navigation bar and select “My lists”. Then click the button “New List”.
  • Enter a name and optionally a description for your list
  • Use the search button () to launch our brand new peak selector
  • Use the search form to search for waypoints. You can refine your search by country, elevation and location types (e.g. Peak, Winter Summit, Sleeping Berth, etc)
  • Use the plus button for the waypoints you want to select to add them to your list. Alternatively you can navigate to peaks on the map, select a waypoint and add it using the box on the top right of the screen.
  • After adding all your waypoints, close the peak selector using the X button in the top right of the corner
  • Back on the form, you can optionally assign different points to each waypoint. This way, you’re able to give certain waypoints more weight. This number is only relevant if the list is used to create a challenge later.
  • Click on “Create list” to save the list. After saving, you should be able to see your finished list. In the tab “Your score” you’re able to see your personal progress for this list.

With the peak selector you can add waypoints to your list. Search for waypoints using the search form or pick them directly from the map.

User challenges

Once you’ve created a list of waypoints, you are able to make a challenge out of it. To do that, go to the list overview under “My lists”, and click the button “Create Challenge” for the list you wish to use. This feature is only available for Friends of Peakhunter subscribers.

In the form, you’re prompted to specify name, description and additional rules that you can add. Note that there isn’t currently any way to enforce special rules other than reaching the specified points.

The field “Minimum points” denotes how many points your participants need to reach in order to complete the challenge. You can specify an arbitrary amount of points for each waypoint in your list. That way you can award more points to waypoints that are more difficult to reach.

In the time frame section you can specify a start and end date. Users need to log the relevant waypoints in this time frame in order to complete the challenge.

Invite your friends

User challenges are currently always unlisted, which means other users won’t know about your challenge unless you invite them or share the link. You can either invite your friends on Peakhunter, or send invitations out per email. To do this open your challenge and click the button “Invite friends”. In the following screen add as many emails as you like and select all the friends you wish to invite. Finally, click on “Send invitations”.

Create a list now and host your challenge.

Find your list overview here

Benefits for Friends of Peakhunter

Every user can create a limited amount of lists. Our Friends of Peakhunter members can create as many lists as they like and then hold challenges based on those lists. You can learn more about our FOP program here.

Commercial Challenges

Our user challenges are not meant to be used for advertising purposes and are therefore strictly non-commercial. If you would like to host a challenge in order to promote your business or brand, please get in touch with us. We do offer sponsored challenges for that purpose. Are you interested?

Get in touch