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Sustainable peakhunting

Mountain Wilderness and Peakhunter advocate for the protection of mountain landscapes.
By acting according to this codex and by representing its values, you can help to preserve wilderness in the mountains.

Approach and Provisions

  • I travel, if possible, by public transport
  • I buy provisions locally to support mountain regions


  • My activities are human-powered and I don't use motorized vehicles like snow mobiles, cars, motorcycles or helicopters to get up the mountains.
  • When I buy gear, i prefer companies with a commitment to sustainability. A general rule before every purchase is: Reduce, Repair, Re-use, Recycle.


  • When sleeping outside, I follow these simple rules: SAC Campieren/Biwakieren
  • If really neccessary, I use biodegradable washing liquids.
  • When I use a winter room, of course, I pay for it and take my trash back with me.
  • I prefer reusable cuttlery and avoid unneccessary packaging.

Behavior in nature: conservation and respect

«leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories.»

  • If there is no toilet available, I keep away from water bodies (50 m or more) and burry my business, making it invisible.
  • I keep my dog on the leash, especially if it tends to hunt.
  • I don't cause noise (e.g. listening to loud music).
  • I pick berries and mushrooms only in adequate amounts.
  • I don't pick protected plants.
  • I respect wildlife protection areas and use the established/marked trails.
  • If i see trash, i pick it up.
  • In Winter I follow these 4 golden rules: Respektiere deine Grenzen

More about Mountain Wilderness Switzerland: http://mountainwilderness.ch/.