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Emanuel Vinzent
Philipp Ringli
Graphic Designer

We are Peakhunter.

In a Nutshell

Peakhunter (peakhunter.com) is the premiere Digital Global Summit Log. The Peakhunter App only lets you create an entry while standing on a peak. That proves that you have climbed it (GPS location, time stamp). Write about your experience and let other fellow hunters know about the conditions; take photos and share them with others on Facebook.
Conveniently keep track of all the peaks you have ascended.

The app works WITHOUT a cellphone network! It only uses GPS to confirm your exact location.
You can download all the peaks for a given country. That makes them available offline (when you have no internet).

We have over 300,000 peaks in our database.
Mind you: There's no source for accurate positions of all the peaks in the world – yet.
We want to change that by harnessing crowd-sourced GPS data.
Help us build the most comprehensive database of peaks on the planet!

If you find a peak that does not exist or is in the wrong place, create a new one. All newly created peaks will be verified by us and other users. All peak logs can be browsed on peakhunter.com.

Get Started

  1. 1) Install the App
  2. 2) Register an account
  3. 3) Climb a peak
  4. 4) Log it!

The Peakhunter service is free.
Have fun and be safe!
Your Peakhunter Team

Most of the items were imported from Openstreetmap (openstreetmap.org). Many points were captured and corrected by us and the user.


  • Bag peaks with GPS verification.
  • Map: with peak location, compass and distance grid
  • Fit for the outdoors! No network needed. Works offline.
  • Download peak data (for offline use)
  • Create new peaks (will be verified)
  • Share your happy moments with others
  • Browse Summit Logs of fellow peak baggers

Stay up-to-date

Follow us on the usual channels:


Please just drop us a line to support@peakhunter.com
We are happy to help!



Order your Peakhunter T-Shirt here: https://shop.spreadshirt.ch/peakhunter


Peakhunter is based in Appenzell, Switzerland at the foot of the lovely Alpstein massive. We love post cards:

Peakhunter AG
Gaiserstrasse 16
9050 Appenzell